8th April 2012 Happy Easter at No. 40

No. 40 has stairs so I was able to go “upstairs” for the 1st time. Unlike others that were happy to use the builders ladder, I preferred to wait. Ladders are dangerous, just ask TC. I picked the same room for “H” as he did. Lovely views to the Dandenongs and if it wasn’t for those tall trees we would be able to see “H”s kinder just down the road. No. 36 now has Siberia envy.

The tiler started at No. 36 before easter, so at least something is getting done. Nothing else happening there.

We are trying to get quotes for front steps and the verandah. Considering how bad the economy is for most people, you would think the landscapers would be lining up. Anybody know a good Landscaper?

The bannister has a curve in it, but it is difficult to see in the photo.

Long way up. H can navigate the stairs but little K is still learning.


Top floor looking towards the void.


Looking down to the front door.

This room has been featured before.... Can't help it, it's our favourite.







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30th March 2012 – Lots of Progress for No. 40 & A New Fence

No. 40 now has timber floors. They went for the spotted gum and it looks amazing. Master floors have done both houses now, the same layer as well. Gordon does a beautiful job and it is obvious he takes pride in his workmanship. We hope the guy that does the sealing is just as fussy. The stairs should be going in after easter, with the fix stage starting around the same time. Looks like No. 40 may be completed before No. 36!!

I met with Roseleigh’s plumber on Monday March 26th for a quote to do the drainage at No. 36, by Friday March 30th the job had been completed. We will keep his card for future reference. Hope he installs dishwashers. Nothing else has been done. Can’t wait for TC to come back.

Study Floor in beautiful Spotted Gum

Family Room Floor being tested by short person


Small Pantry (Well compared to the WIR it is)


1st Section of boundary fence


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25th March 2012 Plasterer almost finished at No. 40

There is a lot of work going on at No. 40. The plaster including the cornice is almost complete. The timber floors should go in next week, and the electrician will be doing all the cut outs.

The boundary fence has been completed, so we won’t have the problem of people walking through our property. Pretty soon they won’t be able to walk along the YVW easement either. That has its good and bad points, bad point being we can’t take a short cut to Chevalier. M & C may have to get friendly with their neighbours and put a gate in their fence.

Nothing worth reporting on No. 36.

Top floor - Looking from Rumpus room to Beds 3, 4 & 5

Upstairs Rumpus/Kids Play room

Rustic Stairway!!

Family Room

Aaaaahhh Preety

We have the 1st section of our Fence





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19th March 2012 – No. 40 is Catching Up

No. 40 is progressing nicely. The bricks have been cleaned, and they look amazing. The plasterers have finished their bit & now the “stoppers” (have to check out the correct word this week) will be coming in to do their bit. The Upstairs rooms are huge – I will have to send out a search party for H & K when I babysit.

No. 36 is still on the go slow. Painters appear to have done most of the inside and the garage, but there is a lot of painting to be done outside.

Our brickie came back this week and managed to finish off the brick piers for the gates. These will also look amazing when they are completed.

Brick Piers ready for the gates:


Painted Garage for No. 36




Clean Bricks - WOW


More Pretty


Upstairs Rumpus Room


Family Room


I'd claim this room if I were H or K


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11th March 2012 Brooke & Her Dad (Plasterer) are back on site!

No. 40 is really taking shape now. The plasterer – Brookes dad has been working hard (all long weekend) As with No. 36 he is very efficient. Thank goodness it was decided to put a window in the theatre/living room, it would have been very dark without it and M & C would have missed the view.

No. 36 has some of the Arch Verandah Beams installed. Glad we went with those, they do add the finishing touch to the front of the house.

We got onto a great brickie and he has started the brick piers for the driveway gates. Looking good. Oh, and for those that don’t know who Brooke is – she is a 12 year old gorgeous staffy. She is in charge of the plasterers.

Check out the finials


Master Bedroom Bay Window


Theatre/Living Room - Love the French Doors


Arched Verandah Beams


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4th March 2012 At least YVW do what they say they will!!

No more scrub or blackberries.

YVW Easement has a new spoon drain.

Yarra Valley Water have moved the spoon drain, cleared out all the blackberries and overgrown scrub. Looks great, and will look even better when the fences go in.

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26th February 2012 Where oh where has my builder gone??????

O’k, really starting to get concerned now. It has been 6 weeks since the xmas holidays and there has only been bits and pieces done on No. 36 Very frustrating when there is no communication as to whats going on. The painter was on site for 5 mins this week, other than that nothing. Unless you count downpipes, but that wasn’t holding anything up. But the painting certainly is.

No. 40 ¬†however is now on the move. The roof is almost complete, the electrician has started the rough in, there was a request for dishwasher and washing machine specs (funny they never asked us before the bench tops went in….. hope they fit) so assume that the kitchen will be starting soon. Apparently the plaster will commence on March 5th. Looking beautiful!!

Have to find a spot for the Pizza oven


Alfresco has a roof.

Forgot there was a verandah across the front.
Looking good.


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18th February 2012 – Can you swear in a blog?

We are not happy campers at No. 36 This is the 5th week that nothing of any consequence has been done. Still waiting on the painter. If he doesn’t arrive soon we will paint it ourselves. We spent the weekend laying plastic over the floor boards. Good job done by BH, even if he was being a little to fussy.

Better news for number 40 though. The scaffolding has been removed so the roofing can now be completed. The block has been tidied up a bit and you can really get a feel for the surrounding scape.

Future all weather play area for H & K

Starting to clear the rubbish at last.

Yippee the scaffolding has come down.

Well at least something has happened this week. The mantle has arrived.

There's a lot of floor to cover

BH Vacuuming the floors in ready for the plastic.

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10th February 2012 No. 40 – On the move No. 36 – Not much happening

No. 40 is progressing nicely. The brick cleaners have cleaned the top half so as the painters could do their bit. Once that’s done, the scaffolding can be removed and the rest of the roof can be completed. These beautiful windows do create a bit of “toing and froing” for the trades, but are definitely worth the hassle. (Not sure that TC would agree with us on that subject though) The brick retainer walls are also nearing completion. I think we can incorporate these into the fencing of the block, as long as somebody doesn’t reverse into them.

No. 36 Well I am very sad to say that not much has happened there since mid January, and we are feeling quite despondent. So near yet so far!! Our 1 lonely photo is the cornice to the alfresco ceiling, other than that nothing to report. A nest of wasps thought it was complete enough for them to set up home on the fascia board. Nobody around so it was nice and quiet for them. We evicted them quicksmart, well B did while I hid in the car.

Getting desperate for signs of progress…. LOL

I see a whirlygig


Retainer walls nearly completed

Love those shingles


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4th February 2012 Behind the scenes at No. 40 Painter goes AWOL No. 36

It doesn’t look like much has been done at No. 40 since the middle of January, but when you get close you can see a lot has been going on behind the scenes. The cladding and shingles are complete, eaves are done and there is even heating and aircon on the roof.

No. 36 has been held up by the painter. He was supposed to start straight after xmas, the end January, now it’s mid February. However, small things are still progressing such as granite bench tops. In the meantime we are trying to organise gates, brick piers and asphalt. The hardest part is getting the tradies to turn up. M has been learning how to use the dumpy level so B can start delegating. C will continue as the labourer and block maintenance.


And marble for the ensuite

No 36 has lovely Granite Benchtop

M learning how to use a dumpy

The Result of B & C's hard work for the Aust Day Holiday

M Hard at work supervising

Is that aircon sitting up there?

No. 40 Cladding nearing completion
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