When we embarked on this process of building  a new home and started researching builders, we found various blogs & forums to be quite helpful. The purpose of this blog is to document our building process from whoa to go and to maybe along the way give some insight into the whole process.

You only have to read the forums to know that finding the right builder can be quite a harrowing experience. We spent many months getting quotes from 3 builders (in fact we are still waiting on 1 of them to come back to us) before we settled on Roseleigh Homes, Warragul. They are not a large builder so you eliminate the problem of having to deal with project administrators and such.

We chose to build a version of the Riverside Manor and M&C are building a version of the Canterbury. We have both ended up with plans that have been customised to our specs. The design process has been long and arduous, but not because of the builder. Every time we opened a magazine, went to a home show or just had a very good idea (you can imagine there were a lot of “good ideas” between the 4 of us) we would send poor BC back to the drawing board. For anybody that is interested, Roseleigh Homes have just won the Master Builders Regional Builders Award 2011 South East Victoria. Next year they can submit Riverside Manor V11 and take the award for the whole of Victoria.

It took us around 5 months to decide on the builder. It then took 8 months to get the plans through the Planning Dept of the local council. I am not going to bother writing about “that process”, as most people building a house would have been there, done that. We did along the way, meet some very helpful people so if anybody has any questions on the process we can recommend a couple of people.

I am aiming to do an update on a weekly basis (having said that I am 3 months behind) now that I can at least remember how to post a message. Any questions along the way, feel free to leave a message.

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