26th June 2012 – Quick Update as per Requests

We have had a few requests for more photos and an update. The last post was just after handover. I have neglected the blog for the past month for a couple of reasons – the main one being time, but also because there are still a few odds and ends that are in the process of being rectified. I have posted a couple of photos but will do more when things are completed. A lot has been going on at No. Fjallraven Kanken Sale UK 36 since handover, mainly outside. We have a full length concrete driveway down to No. 40, as well as exposed aggregate to the front of both houses. The gates have been installed and are reasonably well automated except for the intercom. We can’t hear anybody if they are “yelling” from the gates. The alarm is working (I think) but at this stage we are stilling using the large 4 legged one. The extent of the landscaping that is required is a little overwhelming, so at this point in time we are just concentrating on getting “clean” access to the house.

No. 40 is moving along (not as fast as M would like), but it is approaching contract completion date so I imagine things will be completed on time. asics sneakers 2018 The painting is almost complete, tiling is well on it’s way, there is a garage door, electrician is due to start the electrical fit off tomorrow, then the plumber. All things being equal it should be at handover on time (contract wise that is) I really hope M gets to move into her house before the new bub arrives. nike x fragment I can’t bare the thought of having to completely supervise M’s move while she “relaxes” in hospital. I am pretty sure that C would be happy with that scenario. The house looks awesome though. Can’t wait until we have “neighbours”. Hope they are not too noisy.

It’s hard to believe that it is 12 months on Sunday since we signed contracts. If we ever go insane and do this again, I would allow at least 15 months. Having said that, if we were rich we would build then sell!!

No. 36 - Kitchen looking from Alfresco


No. 36 The beautiful flowers lasted for well over a week. Thank you Roseleigh.

No. 36 - Dining Room looking towards Alfresco.


No. 40 Kitchen with "updated" Wine Rack (This should become the norm for the Canterbury)


No. 40 - From the front entrance


[caption id="attachment_661" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="No.

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