24th May 2012 No. 36 Has reached handover!!!! – Very surreal

No photos today, just an update. When it hits home that the handover meeting wasn’t just another site meeting, I will do a full photo shoot. We had handover on May 24th 2012. A year and one day since we we given planning permits. Even 24 hours after handover it still all feels very surreal. We will go to “our HOME that was built by Roseleigh Homes” on the weekend and take very detailed photos. After that it will be landscaping updates, for No. 36 that is. No. 40 has been continuing despite concretor’s taking up all the driveway space.  Not long to go now M,C,H&K.

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2 Responses to 24th May 2012 No. 36 Has reached handover!!!! – Very surreal

  1. Mel B says:

    Hi, been looking at your blog for a while now. I am also building the same house with Roseleigh. I am dying to see more photos! Please put me out of my misery!

    • Kathy says:

      Sorry Mel B. Updates are a bit slow at the moment but I do intend to keep posting until both houses are complete. When the odds and ends on our house (Riverside Manor aka Mountain View Manor) are finished I will do a room by room post. By that time most people will be over it…..

      Good luck with your build. What stage are you at?

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