12th May 2012 No. 36 Approaching Handover No. 40 Catching Up

TC has pulled a rabbit out of a hat, so we are fast approaching handover for No. 36. It’s great to see our beautiful floors again. They have been covered up for so long I couldn’t quite picture them. nike air max 2016 The painters, plasterers, plumbers etc are all doing the final touchups. Grey Water Tanks have been installed, oven & cooktop also in. Origin Energy are dragging their feet with the gas meter installation, as are the water meter people – whomever they are. nike air max 2017 Master Floors will be in on May 15th to polish the floors. Roseleigh have been kind to us and are allowing the driveways to be laid next week as well. this will delay the progress of No. 40 but if we don’t do it now, we won’t be able to get down the driveway. Don’t cry M, TC will catchup.

No. 40 has the new painting crew, they are really lovely. asics pas cher I know, an odd description for tradies, but they are not your normal run of the mill painters. They are very neat, in both presentation and the actual painting. Roseleigh trades are all good at their individual crafts but from my observations they are all very messy, hence you notice “neat”. M’s benches are all in now, they look familiar. Did I copy yours or did you copy mine? Or, do we both just have excellent taste? The mantle piece has been installed in “our favourite room”. The fix is complete, so everything is ramping up now.

M's Kitchen Bench tops. You have good taste M.

No. 40's Mantle (In our favourite room)

H & K's Bathroom Vanity - Not sure about the Mirrors!!

Getting ready to sand & polish the floors at No. 36

Garage doors closed - No. 36 heading for handover!!

So happy to go back to a wall oven & separate cook top!!


[caption id="attachment_632" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="No. Mochilas Kanken Big 36 Just about complete……

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