10th May 2012 TC has been Promoted (or not!!)

Quite obviously TC has undergone some intense job retraining since he broke his foot. He is not allowed on a ladder so has taken on the job of  ”cleaner”. Not sure he has grasped the concept yet, or maybe he hasn’t gotten to the brush and shovel part of the course. It’s also possible that he wasn’t issued with a works order for that part of the cleaning so will have to leave that to those that are fully qualified . TC if I were you I wouldn’t give up my real job just yet. Oh, and BC, TC said he would never do this at home so we should be grateful. TC is also trying to gain work as as “fixer”. It’s amazing the lengths he will go too just to keep some of his clients happy. A word of warning though to both TC & BH, others are aware of the collusion between you two, so make sure you are fully trained in this area before you embark on your new career or you could both end up spending a lot of time together……….

TC Maybe you should clear the floor before you sweep!


How do I pick this up? Oh wait that must be the "brush & shovel" thingy they talked about.


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