19th April 2012 It’s all hands on deck for both No. 36 & No. 40

Since TC has been back on deck and BC has kept him away from dangerous ladders, there has been an awesome amount of work done at No. Kanken Classic UK 36. Mochilas Fjällräven Kanken Tienda The electrician was doing his fit off, as was the plumber. nike requin Also the heating/cooling guy has completed the installation of both the ducted heating and evap cooling. asics en ligne The tilers have just about finished, so now the plasterer can finish off the cornice in the ensuite. There is still a little bit more painting to be done, but that will have to wait until all the other trades have stopped making a mess. I had better finalise the carpet or the furniture will be sitting on concrete.

No. 40 fix stage has started so this means house is locked up. asics soldes I won’t be able to get any photos for a little while. air max 90 femme We did see the truck turn up with lots of “bits”. Beautiful tall front doors, but not too sure about the shade of green M has gone for… Fjallraven Kanken Kids Apparently the kitchen is in, so I will have to get down there during the day so as I can get an update.

The colour of the door stain is spot on.

Ensuite Taps & Basins


Ensuite "Rain" Shower & Taps


Bathroom Shower/Taps


[caption id="attachment_569" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="See what I mean about "Green" Doors......

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