15th July 2012 It’s No. 40′s Turn Now

This is the last post before handover of No. 40 which should take place on July 20th. After that there won’t be any further posts until the floors are done and most likely furniture should be in. It is looking absolutely amazing. M has done a beautiful job with all her selections, and all the angst has paid off. We have been watching the final preparations from our verandah and office window, both have a birds eye view. We watched as all the lights were turned on for the 1st time a couple of nights ago. We didn’t take a photo as it wouldn’t have done it justice. It looks beautiful and is just about screaming out “I am ready for Xmas lights”.  The kitchen splash backs are perfect for the French Provincial style, as are the doors, stairs and MY mantle. It’s fantastic (and a relief) to see that all the fragmented decisions have all come together to create a beautiful home. Well done M.

Font view half way down driveway

The exposed aggregate has saved a lot of mess being tracked into the house. Oh & It's time to go "Dunnys R Us"

Hey where is the Green "Door"

Powder room vanity

Kitchen looking from laundry

Kitchen with Under cupboard lights on trying to get a photo that will do the beautiful splash backs justice.


Aaaah now thats better!!

Looking toward kitchen from dining room..... Nice lights.

View to backyard from dining room.


Gas Log Feature fireplace (without the fascia)

Master bed bay window


Ensuite Vanity

Ensuite Spa

The border tile in the main bathroom is a great choice. A fun bathroom.

4 Towel rails....... Where are the name tags?

View to backyard from bathroom.

Photo of Light fitting in void with No. 36 in background

Light fitting again with driveway as background.....

Here's the green doors, except they have changed colour. Good choice.






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26th June 2012 – This Photo says it all

This is why we want to live next door to our grand children. There's no mistaking those big smiles on everyones face.

This is a picture my 4 year old grandson drew for us when we moved into our house. It really does depict what this move is all about. A couple of people have asked me what on earth I was thinking when we embarked on this journey, living so close to the grand kids. Look at the big smiles on everybody’s face – A picture really does paint a thousand words.

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26th June 2012 – Quick Update as per Requests

We have had a few requests for more photos and an update. The last post was just after handover. I have neglected the blog for the past month for a couple of reasons – the main one being time, but also because there are still a few odds and ends that are in the process of being rectified. I have posted a couple of photos but will do more when things are completed. A lot has been going on at No. 36 since handover, mainly outside. We have a full length concrete driveway down to No. 40, as well as exposed aggregate to the front of both houses. The gates have been installed and are reasonably well automated except for the intercom. We can’t hear anybody if they are “yelling” from the gates. The alarm is working (I think) but at this stage we are stilling using the large 4 legged one. The extent of the landscaping that is required is a little overwhelming, so at this point in time we are just concentrating on getting “clean” access to the house.

No. 40 is moving along (not as fast as M would like), but it is approaching contract completion date so I imagine things will be completed on time. The painting is almost complete, tiling is well on it’s way, there is a garage door, electrician is due to start the electrical fit off tomorrow, then the plumber. All things being equal it should be at handover on time (contract wise that is) I really hope M gets to move into her house before the new bub arrives. I can’t bare the thought of having to completely supervise M’s move while she “relaxes” in hospital. I am pretty sure that C would be happy with that scenario. The house looks awesome though. Can’t wait until we have “neighbours”. Hope they are not too noisy.

It’s hard to believe that it is 12 months on Sunday since we signed contracts. If we ever go insane and do this again, I would allow at least 15 months. Having said that, if we were rich we would build then sell!!

No. 36 - Kitchen looking from Alfresco


No. 36 The beautiful flowers lasted for well over a week. Thank you Roseleigh.

No. 36 - Dining Room looking towards Alfresco.

Looking towards No. 36 from half way up the driveway


No. 40 has my Mantle - Nice Paint Job

No. 40 Kitchen with "updated" Wine Rack (This should become the norm for the Canterbury)


No. 40 - From the front entrance


No. 40 - It's hard to get a photo from the front without a "tradie vehicle"



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24th May 2012 No. 36 Has reached handover!!!! – Very surreal

No photos today, just an update. When it hits home that the handover meeting wasn’t just another site meeting, I will do a full photo shoot. We had handover on May 24th 2012. A year and one day since we we given planning permits. Even 24 hours after handover it still all feels very surreal. We will go to “our HOME that was built by Roseleigh Homes” on the weekend and take very detailed photos. After that it will be landscaping updates, for No. 36 that is. No. 40 has been continuing despite concretor’s taking up all the driveway space.  Not long to go now M,C,H&K.

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12th May 2012 No. 36 Approaching Handover No. 40 Catching Up

TC has pulled a rabbit out of a hat, so we are fast approaching handover for No. 36. It’s great to see our beautiful floors again. They have been covered up for so long I couldn’t quite picture them. The painters, plasterers, plumbers etc are all doing the final touchups. Grey Water Tanks have been installed, oven & cooktop also in. Origin Energy are dragging their feet with the gas meter installation, as are the water meter people – whomever they are. Master Floors will be in on May 15th to polish the floors. Roseleigh have been kind to us and are allowing the driveways to be laid next week as well. this will delay the progress of No. 40 but if we don’t do it now, we won’t be able to get down the driveway. Don’t cry M, TC will catchup.

No. 40 has the new painting crew, they are really lovely. I know, an odd description for tradies, but they are not your normal run of the mill painters. They are very neat, in both presentation and the actual painting. Roseleigh trades are all good at their individual crafts but from my observations they are all very messy, hence you notice “neat”. M’s benches are all in now, they look familiar. Did I copy yours or did you copy mine? Or, do we both just have excellent taste? The mantle piece has been installed in “our favourite room”. The fix is complete, so everything is ramping up now.

M's Kitchen Bench tops. You have good taste M.

No. 40's Mantle (In our favourite room)

H & K's Bathroom Vanity - Not sure about the Mirrors!!

View from main bathroom at No. 40 - Looking toward the back of the block.

Getting ready to sand & polish the floors at No. 36

Garage doors closed - No. 36 heading for handover!!

So happy to go back to a wall oven & separate cook top!!

No. 36 Pantry almost ready.


No. 36 Just about complete...... Yippeeeeee


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10th May 2012 TC has been Promoted (or not!!)

Quite obviously TC has undergone some intense job retraining since he broke his foot. He is not allowed on a ladder so has taken on the job of  ”cleaner”. Not sure he has grasped the concept yet, or maybe he hasn’t gotten to the brush and shovel part of the course. It’s also possible that he wasn’t issued with a works order for that part of the cleaning so will have to leave that to those that are fully qualified . TC if I were you I wouldn’t give up my real job just yet. Oh, and BC, TC said he would never do this at home so we should be grateful. TC is also trying to gain work as as “fixer”. It’s amazing the lengths he will go too just to keep some of his clients happy. A word of warning though to both TC & BH, others are aware of the collusion between you two, so make sure you are fully trained in this area before you embark on your new career or you could both end up spending a lot of time together……….

TC Maybe you should clear the floor before you sweep!


How do I pick this up? Oh wait that must be the "brush & shovel" thingy they talked about.


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29th April 2012 – Great Photo Opportunities for both Houses

Celebration time… No. 40 fix stage completed, Kitchen is in, so are the vanities. The fix carpenter even worked on Anzac Day. I do like the French Provincial look that M decided on. Kitchen was done by the same guy that did No. 36. Will have to get him to build some wall units when funds become available, should be sometime around 2020.

No. 36 is moving along nicely. Electrician has fitted all the lights and light fittings, fans etc. Plumber nearly done and they started  installing the shower screens. We are starting to think we are nearing the “H” word. Won’t jinx it though.

Looking at Laundry from garage entrance.

Butlers Pantry has shelves. Can't wait to go to Ikea!

Pendant Lights

Vanity Lights.... Hope we can see.


Living Room - Whoa soooo glad there is plastic on the floors.


Bathroom Shower Screen - I think

There is even a view from the garage.


Now do you think the Kitchen is big enough M?

Window Ledges and beautiful French Doors - Our favourite room again!!

Ensuite Vanity and there is a Spa bath somewhere under there!!


Kids Bathroom Vanity.... Hmmn 3 Cupboards & 3 Draws - 1 Missing???







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5th November 2011 – Automation anyone?

Room with a view

We met with the guy who is going to “future proof” the houses. By that they mean lets run cable everywhere, then when you want to add in any automation it’s not that difficult to do. Particularly for a double storey. We are putting in a security system that can be accessed by your iPhone, we are also installing video intercom at the front gates which will do away with all these power companies interrupting our evenings. Oh and no halloween “tricks”.

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19th April 2012 It’s all hands on deck for both No. 36 & No. 40

Since TC has been back on deck and BC has kept him away from dangerous ladders, there has been an awesome amount of work done at No. 36. The electrician was doing his fit off, as was the plumber. Also the heating/cooling guy has completed the installation of both the ducted heating and evap cooling. The tilers have just about finished, so now the plasterer can finish off the cornice in the ensuite. There is still a little bit more painting to be done, but that will have to wait until all the other trades have stopped making a mess. I had better finalise the carpet or the furniture will be sitting on concrete.

No. 40 fix stage has started so this means house is locked up. I won’t be able to get any photos for a little while. We did see the truck turn up with lots of “bits”. Beautiful tall front doors, but not too sure about the shade of green M has gone for… Apparently the kitchen is in, so I will have to get down there during the day so as I can get an update.

The colour of the door stain is spot on.

Ensuite Taps & Basins


Ensuite "Rain" Shower & Taps


Bathroom Shower/Taps


See what I mean about "Green" Doors...... Hmmn not convinced.



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12th April 2012 Welcome back TC – We missed you!!

Thank goodness TC is back on deck. He seems to have mastered those crutches extremely well, but just to be on the safe side we have eliminated all ladders from site. This is for our benefit, more than TC’s safety.

I managed to get inside at No. 36 today to get some long awaited photos. It’s a hive of activity there at the moment, with painters and tilers on site. The painters were working inside & out, so we are able to see quite a bit of progress this week. The tiling is almost complete, and whatever issues we have with Ceramic, Porcelain, Rectified Edges, blah blah blah, they are doing a beautiful job. None of the crap grouting & spacing that we have in our current house.

The electrician is scheduled to do his fit off next week, as is the plumber. Don’t know what happens after them, but now that TC is back we know it will happen. (Sorry LP we prefer TC)

Looking from Laundry through to Living & Rumpus Rooms

Ensuite Tiling looking from Bedroom


Main Bathroom Tiling (Grout just being completed)


Laundry Tiles looking from Kitchen to Garage

Laundry Cupboard


Posts have received a coat of Paint.... Preeety



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